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Make your outings more lively and meet new people

OutMySphere is a mobile application allowing to know instantly the crowd in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, coffees, casinos, fitness gyms and other establishments.

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Make your outings more lively

Thanks to OutMySphere, you can now choose your outings according to their affluences.


View the establishments around you (bars, restaurants, coffees, casinos, nightclubs and fitness gyms).


Know in real time the number of people present in the chosen establishment.

Facebook friends

Know if your Facebook friends are present in an establishment.


Quickly find your favourite establishments with the 'Favourites' menu.

Meet new people

With OutMySphere, you can meet new people.

Virtual Bracelet

A virtual bracelet indicates the sentimental status of the people who surround you.


Discovers the secret function in relation with the MeeTip cryptocurrency.


An encrypted messaging services gives you the possibility to chat with other people present in the same establishment as you.


Tip the employee of your choice, whether it be the waiter, the barman or even the cook thanks to the 'Tip' function.

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Outmysphere Wallet


MeeTip is a cryptocurrency that allows you to use 'Tip' functionality in OutMySphere.

This functionality using the Ethereum blockchain are in the process of being created and will be available in the third quarter of 2019.

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OutMySphere is still in Beta, there may be slowdowns or crashes.

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